Privacy Policy

The identification image aspiration is calm, restrained, simple, and determination. We use a hexagon to design a trademark that looks like a person who holds T(tools) in the arms. The symbol of KING TONY is fine, trust and quality. The brand of KING TONY is pursuit of excellence, care and the unique value of indestructible.


When you visit or use the services KING TONY provide (hereinafter referred as the “SERVICE”), you can decide whether to order merchandise, request product support services or register; When you choose to use this SERVICE, we may ask you to provide personal information as follows (If you refuse to provide the information will affect your normal use of the service of interests):

  • Your name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, and other information that can recognize your identity.
  • When you order products or services of KING TONY, KING TONY may collect the information that you provided for pay the cost, such as credit card information.
  • When you contact with KING TONY, KING TONY will keep the conversation history, you can stop recording during the conversation.
  • KING TONY may collect your personal information for your marketing or service information, such as occupation.

KING TONY follows the methods below to use your personal information:

  • Your information that collected from KING TONY will only be used for the behavior of marketing and service from KING TONY and our affiliated enterprise, such as payment and product delivery.
  • The feedback of customer satisfaction you provide will be applied to improve our product and service quality
  • When you participate in the activities organized by KING TONY or its affiliates, your personal information will be applied to confirm your participation eligibility, inform activities dynamic and prize ... and so on..

KING TONY specific purpose within the above, it may be part of the personal information you provide to inform our agents and (or) the Contractor, and we will ensure that the agents and (or) the Contractor in strict compliance with the policy.


Without your agree, we will not use your information on the scope unrelated to gathering purposes, unless to tie in with decree, the competent authority or judicial requests, or to secure a legal request or defense or for the prevention of fraud or other illegal act.


When the specific purpose of collecting the personal information disappears, KING TONY will stop using your personal data.


“Cookies” are stored in your computer may save your preferences and other small files containing information. KING TONY use “Cookies” stored your use of the Service Web habits and preferences, so that you are not required in the use of the service time-consuming re-enter the same information, and the next time you browse the Web, to provide customized content and appropriate for your ads. Produce anonymous information related to the browsing activity of your computer when you visit our website. KING TONY may use this information to identify you ever visit the website KING TONY specific page or click on the link. KING TONY may use in their marketing emails and newsletters, in order to determine your hit or link message. KING TONY uses this information to learn about how you use the site of King Tony, and to improve the KING TONY services provided to you.


KING TONY adopt appropriate safety measures to prevent your personal information from being stolen, tampered with, disclosure or damage, including personal data collection, storage, processing and security measures, as well as entities on security measures to carry out the internal audit checks to prevent invaded KING TONY store your personal information. KING TONY and its affiliated tailor security of network data transmission, when you provide personal information through the Service, your personal data will be protected, whether online or offline.


In order to safeguard your personal information that is correct, you can log in to the Service View, correct, modify and edit your registration information. To be safe, you should use the account password before they can log in to the service.


KING TONY will change the Privacy Policy from time to time. When a major change to the policy, it will public on KING TONY website.


If you have any comments on the privacy policy, the views, concerns, or if you think the King Tony officers any case of non-compliance with this policy, Please feel free to contact KING TONY by the follow email address.