We respect your privacy while you browse the KING TONY website, to offer you a comfortable
using environment, we hereby set the privacy statement.
Personal Information Collection

When user enters the King Tony website, user does not need to enter any personal information basically, such as name or E-mail address…etc. Unless you want to join the membership site, otherwise we will not obtain your information while you are not aware of it.

It will record your IP address and those related information be browsed on the King Tony website, but these information only offers to flow analysis and network behavior research to improve the service quality of websites .

In some cases, for example, when a user requests to join members, subscribe to a newsletter, and other services, we may ask you to provide personal information, to establish contact, complete the transaction, provide service and deal with the procedure of subscription, the King Tony websites are under obligation to inform users, if users choose not to accept any advertising or contact information, we will respect your choice completely.

The use of personal data

The personal information you provide to the King Tony websites, in accordance with original purpose and range, only for inner use. King Tony will not share personal information to other third parties for their independent use or use for other purpose without your permission.


In order to facilitate users, we may use cookie technology on some King Tony websites to provide more suitable service for personal need. Cookie is a technology used to communicate with browser. It may store some information in your computer, but you can set your browser to cancel or limit this function.

Information Security

In order to ensure your security and personal privacy, your account information is protected with password on the King Tony websites.

In some cases, the King Tony websites use the most advanced transmission encryption (SSL 128bit) to ensure the security of your data when transmission.

Modify the personal account and information

User personal information is subject to change or personal information is incorrect, you can correct or modify it on the King Tony websites at any time, include to stop sending newsletter, advertisement, and other related information.